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New Product Press Releases
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Behlman's AFC-7000 is a ruggedly built, modified COTS frequency converter designed to convert three-phase aircraft power to regulated single-phase (115 or 230 VAC) 50 or 60 Hz ground power.

The AFC-7000 is ruggedly built to support aircraft takeoffs and landings and designed to meet the input power requirements of MIL-STD-704 and RTCA-DO-160.



Behlman RUPS-1250; a true on-line Uninterruptible Power Source (UPS) that supplies a clean, regulated 115 VAC from any worldwide mains, as well as from aircraft and shipboard power.

The latest addition to Behlman's power products, the rugged, compact, rack mountable RUPS-1250 delivers the superior reliability and performance required for remote and difficult-to-access power systems.



Behlman's SQ300 Series is a rugged inverter that supplies 120 VAC from a 12 VDC source for continuous operation or standby operation of railroad signal equipment.



The new P2002 is a solid state unit that delivers 2000 VA of clean, regulated AC power in a single 5.25" high bench-top chassis that easily converts into a rack- mount unit



New, customer-approved BL+120 high-power frequency converter has 350 to 2000 Hz Extreme-Wild-Frequency Range (EWFR) for testing the latest airborne equipment and systems.



The new P2001 is a solid state unit that delivers 2000 VA of clean, regulated AC power in a single 5.25" high bench-top chassis that easily converts into a rack mount unit.


94012-MK119, 94016-LRU

Modular design power supply system with three load-sharing line replacement units to produce a N+1, hot-swappable, multi-output DC supply


UPS 3000

Rugged Dual-Conversion, On-Line UPS with dual input and removable batteries



Ultra-reliable frequency converter designed for railroad relay testing



Rugged, high-voltage AC Source to supply clean, regulated AC to down-hole tools, motors and sensors for the oil and gas exploration industry


VME 1000

Low cost, modified COTS solution for VME based mission critical applications



High power, three-phase 400 Hz to single-phase 60 Hz frequency converter for use onboard commercial or military aircraft


UPS1100, compact 1100 VA / 750 Watt High Shock, Ruggedized UPS only 12 inches deep in a 19 inch rack mount chassis. Based on COTS technology.

Three phase to single phase frequency converter in a 2U chassis. Clean 1350VA of AC power in a 19 inch rack mount chassis, only 3.5inches (2U) high. Fully adjustable output voltage ( 0 - 135Vac ) and frequency ( 45 - 500Hz ).

BL Plus
High Power, 30KVA to 120KVA,  Single Phase / Three Phase, Frequency Converters / Inverters. For higher power contact the factory


Low cost, solid state AC source with direct digital synthesizer for measurement and control


Aerospace, shipboard, ground based, transportation power supply.
Multiple inputs, AC or DC Output, 2.1 to 28 VDC. High efficiency,
short circuit protected, 100 degrees C Base plate operation.

Low cost inverters feature small size, high performance, clean sine-wave or modified sine-wave at 115 VAC, 60 Hz with available inputs of 48, 125, and 250 VDC.

High Power Single Phase, Frequency Converter Models
Introducing the BL4500, BL5100 and BL9200, single phase,
frequency converter / inverter that delivers 4500 to 9200 VA of clean,
regulated, AC power in a 19 inch rack mount chassis.

Solid state frequency converter with variable voltage and frequency.

P1350-CE Power Passport with CE MARK
A solid state frequency converter / inverter with CE MARK for the European 
market, that supplies world wide power to your bench or test rack.

P1350 Power Passport
A solid state frequency converter / inverter that supplies world wide power to 
your bench or test rack.


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