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Date: October 23, 2006
Contact: Ron Storm Vice President Sales & Marketing

NEW Behlman 2 KVA AC Power Source expands line of low cost, solid state frequency converters


Hauppauge, New York, October 23, 2006- Behlman Electronics Inc., known for its leadership in providing power products for industrial, commercial and military applications, has introduced the new Behlman P2001 AC source for benches and test racks. With the introduction of this 2 KVA unit, Behlman now offers a full range of AC power sources from 1 KVA to 120 KVA.

The new P2001 is a solid state unit that delivers 2000 VA of clean, regulated AC power in a single 5.25" high bench-top chassis that easily converts into a rack mount unit. The P2001 is designed to provide optimal power for export testing and the operation of equipment manufactured in foreign countries, as well as providing aircraft power ranges required for avionic testing.

The Behlman P2001 features a digitally controlled waveform that produces the clean power of a linear supply with the high efficiency and small size of a switching supply. Behlman's innovative protection circuitry provides for voltage fold back during overloads, to maintain undistorted waveforms. Power output is a maximum of 2000 VA with 100 percent of the output available into any power factor load.

The P2001 provides for an adjustable output voltage of 0 - 135 VRMS, or 0 - 270 VRMS and adjustable frequency from 45 to 500 Hz. Total harmonic distortion is 1 percent (typical). Output connections can be made via front-panel safety sockets, as well as via rear-mounted pressure terminals. Two digital readouts are provided, one for RMS voltage and one for RMS current and frequency. The unit is available with remote control, using either 0 - 10VDC, IEEE-488 or RS232.

BEHLMAN  is a world class manufacturer of AC power supplies, frequency converters, inverters, uninterruptible power supplies (UPS), and custom DC and High Voltage power supplies offering power solutions to meet the most demanding applications.


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