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Press Releases, News and Updates about Behlman.
Behlman is a subsidiary of Orbit International.
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2008 Articles:


January, 2008

Behlman Electronics Inc., has introduced the Behlman SQ300 Square Wave Inverter;

a form-fit-function replacement for the Safetran CSP60.


February, 2008

COTS Power Supplies: The solution or the starting point?

An Article in Military & Aerospace Electronic Magazine in February 2008 and on their website.


March, 2008

Orbit International Corp. today announced

that its Power Group, Behlman Electronics, Inc. has received two new orders, valued at approximately $290,000, for a DC power supply for use in a nuclear power plant control system.


March, 2008

Today's Civilian, Military Power Conditioning

An Article in Electronic Products Magazine in March 2008 and on their website.


April, 2008

Behlman's RUPS-1250 UPS delivers ultra-reliable uninterrupted power

from any worldwide AC, as well as from aircraft and shipboard power


September, 2008

Behlman has introduced its AFC-7000; a moderately priced, modified COTS frequency converter designed to convert three-phase aircraft power to regulated single-phase (115 or 230 VAC) 50 or 60 Hz ground power







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