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These are interchangeable terms used in the industry to describe a power supply that produces an AC (alternating current), voltage output, as opposed to a DC (direct current), voltage output. The AC power supply is produced in two different topologies, switching and linear.


Switching AC power supplies use Pulse Width Modulation (PWM) technology to synthesize an AC waveform. Filtering at the output of the supply shapes and filters the PWM pulses into a clean sine wave. Switching technology offers lighter weight, smaller size, cost savings, and sufficient bandwidth for most applications.

Switching AC power supplies are ideal for the majority of applications, including: avionics development and test facilities, production test of 50Hz, 60Hz & 400Hz products, circuit development , margin testing of frequency & voltage, operational conformance testing and motor testing, to name a few. Different types of avionics and jet engine control systems require testing and simulation over a very wide range of frequencies, 350 to 800Hz.




The term Frequency Converter is interchangeable with AC Power Source and AC Power Supply. Frequency Converter describes a black box that will accept one form of AC voltage input at a certain frequency and will convert that input to a desired AC voltage and frequency at the output. You can change voltage with a transformer or variac, but to change frequency you need a frequency converter (AC power source).

Since each AC signal has a voltage potential and a wiring configuration single phase or 3 phase wye or delta, the frequency converter has the ability not only to change the frequency, but also the voltage potential and the configuration, single to three-phase or three-phase to single-phase.

Behlman's Frequency Converters are extremely flexible with adjustable output voltage and frequency, available input/output voltage and frequency configurations. To eliminate user errors Behlman offers a Locking control (-L) option so that once the user has adjusted the output frequency and/or voltage to the required levels, the lock on the knob can be activated to prevent an inadvertent adjustment. If a more permanent solution is desired, Behlman can remove the front panel adjustments and fix the output voltage and frequency to the desired settings.

Behlman's Frequency Converters can be used to convert any input frequency from 47 to 440Hz, Single or 3 phase to any frequency within the output range, single or 3 phase, as well as one voltage potential to another, or any combination of all the conditions just mentioned.




Model Selection:


Passport (P series): 1350 VA and 2000 VA at a great price and performance. Dual output range; 0-135 VAC & 0-270VAC switch selectable, fixed frequency outputs at 50Hz, 60Hz and 400 Hz or adjustable from 45 through 500 Hz with 1,000 Hz optional. 120 VAC input or 230 VAC input models available. Many options are available including remote control and extended frequency. The P Series is ideal for production test, ATE, avionic test and frequency conversion.


BL1350 series: 1350 VA with many standard features included in the base model, analog remote control, stackable for higher power or three phase and external sync. Input voltage can be: single phase (115 or 115/230), Power Factor Corrected or 3 phase. Dual range output; 0-135 VAC & 0-270 VAC switch selectable, output frequency adjustable from 45 through 500Hz with 1,000Hz optional. Additional options include RS232 or IEEE-488 remote control, Motor Test and CE Mark. Other non-standard outputs voltages are available. The BL1350 Series is ideal for production test, ATE, avionic test and frequency conversion. In addition the BL1350 series is easily modifiable to meet your requirements


BL High-Power Series: available from 1,000 to 20,000 VA, single and three-phase inputs and outputs available. The BL High-Power series includes all of the standard and optional features of the BL1350 series. The BL High-Power series is ideally suited for production test, avionic test, frequency conversion, ATE, bulk power and motor generator replacement. In addition the BL High Power series is easily tailored to meet your requirements.


BL+ Series: 30 KVA , 60 KVA and 120 KVA models use multi-pulse input transformers for low input current distortion. Single and three-phase outputs with a choice of many standard input voltages are available. BL+ Series output frequencies available fixed at 50, 60 or 400Hz or adjustable from 45-500 Hz with available frequency options. Other options include programmable controller, remote control using analog, RS232, IEEE-488 or Ethernet.


For a modified version of any of our AC power sources, please click here.



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UPS's are available in a number of topologies from Standby (Off-Line) to Line Interactive to True On-Line.


In the 'Standby' topology the AC input to the UPS is also directly connected to the UPS output as the normal power path. The raw utility power is subject to on-going disturbances on a daily basis from the many uncontrollable sources, which can be damaging to electronic equipment and critical data.


An upgrade to the most basic 'Standby' UPS topology, are the 'Line Interactive' UPS's being offered that add taps to the output auto-transformer in the UPS to "swing" the output with step changes. The taps either boost the output in the event it is low, or reduce (buck) the output if it is high. Upon loss of the AC input, both the 'Standby' and 'Line Interactive' units sense the loss, then switch-over to the inverter/battery with a relay transfer switch, causing a break in power and also a power surge, for a varying amount of milliseconds, depending on line and battery conditions. The inverter is 'off-line' to the load (unless the UPS is on battery power) and does not provide any of the line conditioning or regulation benefits provided by a 'True On-Line' UPS.


 A True On-Line UPS uses double-conversion topology to produce a clean, regulated, AC sine wave with "zero" time switch-over to the inverter/batteries in the event of loss of AC input. 'Double conversion' means that the UPS rectifies and converts the AC input power to DC and then the DC power is 'inverted' creating a clean AC power signal. If the AC input power is lost, the DC to the inverter is seamlessly supplied by the batteries instead of the rectified AC product. This is because the inverter is always "On-Line" supplying 100% of the load. As a result, there is no switching time or gap in the power as there is when using the other topologies. In addition, the True On-Line UPS offers protection from all the common utility power issues; sags, surges, noise, frequency changes, high/low voltage, blackouts, lightning and harmonics.



Modified standard and Ruggedized UPS's:


Behlman offers True On-Line UPS's and can configure the UPS's with a variety of options including PFC (Power Factor Correction) input, input and output isolation, frequency conversion, external battery packs for additional hold up time, high temperature batteries, custom connectors, slides and custom enclosures and packaging.

Due to the flexibility in configurations of our UPS's, Behlman has successfully repackaged, reconfigured and ruggedized them to fulfill mission critical, military and OEM applications. If you are interested in a high reliability, rugged UPS solution for your industrial or military application 


Contact the factory to discuss your requirements.


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An inverter is a power device that transforms DC (Direct Current) into AC (Alternating Current). A typical application would be to convert your available battery or DC power to AC to power sensitive electronic devices that require clean, low distortion sine wave inputs (i.e. microprocessor based instruments and PLC's).

There are two types of "quality" inverters offered, "pure sine wave" and "modified sine wave". A 'pure sine wave' inverter produces a clean, regulated AC output with low distortion. A modified sine wave inverter produces an output that is a rectangular or stepped waveform where both the peak and RMS value is equal to a sine wave of the same magnitude, and is a lower cost alternative to the 'pure sine wave' device. Behlman manufactures both types of inverters.




Model Selection:


ACDC-1200: Dual input Inverter:


The Behlman ACDC-1200 is a 'True On-line' inverter that accepts two independent input sources, one AC and one DC, and also may be utilized as a UPS. The inverter can be configured with either the DC input or AC input as the preferred/primary source. If the preferred input is lost, the ACDC-1200 will automatically switch to the secondary source, in zero time, to continue to supply power without a loss of output or surge in power. In addition the unit allows for a wide range of either the AC or DC inputs and it will provide isolation from the sags, surges and disturbances of utility power. The ACDC-1200 is the same as a 'True On-line UPS' except that it uses your batteries (instead of it's own batteries).

The ACDC1200 with its True Sine wave output supplies 1200 VA, 120 VAC @ 60 Hz output, from a 48, 125, or 250 VDC input or its 120 VAC input. Models available in a rack mount chassis configuration.


INV-1200: 1200 VA, 120 VAC @ 60 Hz output. 48, 125, or 250 VDC input. Rack Mount.


Modified Sine Wave Inverters


INV-1210: 1200 VA, 120 VAV @ 60 Hz output. 48, or 125 VDC input. Rack mount.

The INV series can be configured with an "AC Bypass" Option that will route an external AC voltage to the output of the inverter. This option includes alarm contact closures and LED indicators. This is useful in the event of loss of input to the inverter due to battery failure.
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Behlman specializes in tailoring and modification of standard products to produce devices specifically configured to customers requirements. They may be as simple as having special connectors for input and output or, extremely complex such as a completely redesigned and/or repackaged frequency converter or UPS.

The modified standard products are required for use in, Military, industrial and hostile environments. Generally they are required to be very robust and always highly reliable.

Behlman's Modified Standard Products portfolio includes:


  • 50Hz, 60Hz and 400Hz frequency converters for Military & Aerospace GSE test sets

  • Specialized devices for production test that include remote control and measurement capability

  • Custom frequency converters for military applications (airborne, shipboard and mobile)

  • Custom DC power supplies for military applications (airborne, shipboard and mobile)

  • Custom frequency converters for railroad signaling applications

  • Rugged high voltage AC power sources for oil & gas exploration with RS485 interface and master/slave capability,

  • Custom UPS's for use on US Navy ships, US Army vehicles and USAF test sets.

Please contact us with your specific requirements.

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COTS (Commercial Off The Shelf) and MCOTS (Modified COTS) products:


US Military organizations, in an effort to reduce cost, are encouraged to seek out reliable, commercial products for use on their programs and projects. The acceptable products usually are modifications to standard products (MCOTS) that are built and tested to verify compliance to the stringent requirements of military products. The Assistant Secretary to the Navy has released a document NAVSO P 3641A, titled " More Power for the Dollar", which outlines the design parameters and the total cost of ownership and highlights the benefits of Modified COTS power supplies like those manufactured by Behlman.


Behlman has specialized in an approach that utilizes COTS 'modules' to configure AC-DC, DC-DC and High Voltage power supplies for both Military and OEM applications. Behlman uses COTS 'modules' because of their excellent reliability, high density packaging and proven design with the advantage of not having to design a new converter for each application. This solution is ideal for programs and projects with production levels of 50 - 100 per year and the total cost of development and ownership is very competitive.

Military and OEM applications requiring a highly reliable power supply in a custom configuration should be interested in Behlman's MCOTS solutions. Behlman has developed and proven its DCS series of AC-DC and DC-DC power supplies that are presently used in many airborne, shipboard, vehicular and ground based applications.


'Build-to-Print', 'Form-Fit-Function' or 'Reverse Engineered' power supplies: Behlman uses the same modular approach to replace power supplies that can no longer be manufactured due to obsolete parts or is too costly to repair. In addition, Behlman can manufacture your supply, to your prints, and help to improve the reliability by 'taking ownership of the design' and provide value-added-engineering or reverse-engineering.


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Behlman VPXtra™ Power Supplies increase the power available for OpenVPX™ applications.

Behlman Electronics Inc., known for its leadership in power products for military, industrial, and commercial applications, has developed a new engineering standard, VPXtra, that supports the design, manufacture, operation and cooling of high-density 6U OpenVPX compliant COTS DC-DC power supplies and a COTS AC-DC front end module. All units are OpenVPX Vita 62 compliant, with a wide input range and typical efficiency of 90%.

The OpenVPX™ standard has been defined by the VITA (VME International Trade Association) to help establish commonality and interoperability in electronic module and platform design for defense and industrial applications.

Behlman is a member of VITA and serves on a number of the power supply committees.



    • Open VPX VITA 62 compliant
    • Wide input range
    • High power DC output
    • Efficiency of 90% typical
    • Conduction cooled at card edge

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A large number of railroad transit systems (people movers) use AC signaling as a means of tracking the train and sending information to the conductor. Unlike the traditional application for AC power supplies/ frequency converters used in test applications, Behlman railroad signal sources (RR series) are installed in a trackside hut called a 'bungalow' or 'signal house' and are powered 24/7. Powered from either AC or DC, the Behlman RR Series Frequency Converters, produce an AC output calibrated to a required signaling frequency (i.e. 25 Hz, 91.67 Hz, 100 Hz, or 250 Hz). The RR Series incorporates special circuitry for: input/output protection & isolation, short circuit protection with Auto-Reset, alarms and contact closures; plus rugged construction for the needs and rigor of the RR environment. In addition to the above special features, Behlman has developed specific solutions for RR applications that include: dual inputs, high power single phase input, high power single phase output, redundant units (with transfer modules that automatically switch from one signal source to the redundant one in the event of loss of the primary source).

Some signal houses are located in remote areas that are without standard 120 VAC, 60 Hz power. In those applications, Behlman RR Series Frequency Converters can also be used to convert the available "signal AC" (25 Hz, 100 Hz, 250 Hz, etc.) to the 120 VAC, 60 Hz needed to provide lighting or power hand tools.


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