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Rugged Uninterruptible Power Supplies
Designed for specific applications.

Using its proven COTS UPS technology, Behlman designs and manufactures application specific ruggedized UPS solutions.

Having Behlman create an application specific uninterruptible power source solution for your system will insure compatibility, consistent performance, and reliability through configuration control of your model. Mission critical systems with tough environmental conditions can not rely on catalog COTS solutions who's "specifications can change without notice". Behlman's solutions will offer "no comprise" on required features, packaging to meet system needs, and designed in flexibility as required.


  • True On-Line design

  • Full time power conditioning

  • True voltage regulation

  • Extended battery options

  • Frequency Converter

  • Voltage Converter

  • Windows, Novell, UNIX software interface & shutdown

  • Configuration control

  • Application specific solution

  • Based on Proven reliable technology

  • Microprocessor based for ultimate in flexibility

  • Fault-tolerant, fail safe design

Please contact factory to discuss your requirements.

Rugged Uninterruptible Power Supplies / Ruggedized UPS

(Click on the model number or part number to see a PDF of the full specification)

RUPS1250 The Behlman RUPS-1250 Uninterruptible Power Source is a true on-line UPS that continuously conditions incoming power and provides a high quality sine wave output with very low distortion. In the event of a loss of input power the RUPS will switch to the internal batteries, in ZERO time, for a safe shutdown. The RUPS continuously monitors status, input, battery conditions, fault conditions and alarms. This information is displayed on the front panel and can be communicated to a host via a built-in RS-232 interface and relay contact closures.

UPS1100-5010 Double Conversion, High Shock (Navy ship board application), 12 Inch Deep Rack Mount UPS, with Power Factor Correction. High Rate batteries for extended run time. Has optional shallow depth battery chassis for extended run time. Two different optional battery chassis depending on system's load current.

PUPS-HT-1100RM-R-4790 High Temperature Model with Frequency Conversion.
The UPS is mounted in a system's shock cabinet. System is installed on military HMMWVs.

PUPS1500R-5083 Double Conversion, Global On-Line, Rack Mount UPS with Frequency Conversion, Power Factor Correction, High Rate Batteries for extended run time and optional external battery rack for additional run time.

UPS-3000  Double Conversion, High Shock ( Navy ship board application) On-Line, Rack Mount UPS, Dual AC Input power, MIL-STD-1399, Power Factor Correction. Extensive communication and Remote control features. External battery back in rack mount chassis for easy replacement and optimum size.


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